Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two New Singles, Dope Chick & Kevin Durant (Free Downloads!!)

Here go my two latest Promo Singles. Yeah Buddy, ya boy is bout to make some noise.
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"Dope Chick"

Download MP3: Click Here


Download MP3: Click Here

Back in Business a.k.a. Hater 101

What up Folks? It's been a minute but I'm ready to get this Blog jumping again. I originally stopped because my computer got a virus, and once it got removed, my browser wouldn't allow me to access my account. Then it just turned into me not even feeling like doing it anymore. I feel like what's the point sometimes. I look at all the work I do and all the work my team does but yet it's still ALWAYS an uphill battle. I get sick of all the lame ass people that spend ALL day hating on the next person, just because he or she shines harder. It makes my job even harder. For instance I just made a New Video for my song "Kevin Durant" and put it up on Youtube.
And after hundreds of post on twitter, myspace etc... from Me and my team, Guess how many of my "peers" helped me out with a Retweet, Repost etc..?

None. Now there was few people that helped out and I truly appreciate those people, but for the most part... NOBODY.

Everybody that Retweeted or Reposted are people that don't even KNOW me! (Outside of my team, of course.)
And my question is: I live in OKLAHOMA, I represent OKLAHOMA, The OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER are in the PLAYOFFS facing the Lakers and there is only ONE song out called KEVIN DURANT. So what's the part I'm missing? If somebody else had done it, I'd be helping rep my state by pushing it.

But that just shows you how anybody can scream We rep this and we rep that, but when it comes down to it... Every man is for themselves. Everybody wants to be the FIRST. So when somebody does something that could possibly garner them some attention, everyboy else is SCARED to let their 2 or 3 fans know about it. It's cool though. Foreal. I've been dealing with that my whole career, and I've never missed a meal. As a matter of fact sometimes I eat TOO much. So those type of people aren't stopping anything, except maybe progress. But who needs Progress? Right?

Keep Hate Alive!!!

and as far as me & Bombthreatt. We're Back!!! Back in business!

Oh, and By the way the Producer of the Song "420" out of Los Angeles hit me up and said that he LOVES the track and is hitting his people off with it as we speak. He's just one of MANY people who give me encouragement or props as some call it. So I'm not complaining, I'm just stating facts about the Music scene I reside in. But don't get it twisted I have a HUGE fanbase that has rode with me through the toughest of times and will continue as long as I continue to lace em wit' dat Fiyah... which I will.
Sorry Hater.

Check the Video, It'll help you deal with Your Hater's better.
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