Saturday, June 12, 2010

One day you're here, and then...

Did you hear about the Arkansas Flood? My prayers go out to those people.
This is just another testament that we DO NOT control our destiny. All we can do is try our best and Pray that our best is good enough. These people laid down after having a fun day camping, probably made plans for the next days activities, and when they woke up...

It's like the old saying goes, You wanna make God Laugh? Tell him your plans.
For the full Story on what happened, Click this Link: FULL STORY

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lord Have Mercy - (The Meez Edition)

Big Shoutout to my whole team, they always hold me down.
Check out the latest video that was made by @THELUCKYSPOT405
It features my song "Lord Have Mercy".
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

You can't know the South... If you don't mention Memphis.

They had a Dirty South Honors and they didn't mention Memphis? C'mon now. How can you have a show that "honors" the South, but leave out Memphis? Who did their research, Justin Bieber?

Hypnotized Minds, Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo, 8 Ball & MJG, Project Pat, Playya Fly, Tela, Jazzy Pha, Drumma Boi, La Chat and the list goes on and on.

I've heard of making an honest mistake, but leaving out a WHOLE City that is a HUGE part of Southern music being on the map? Crazy....

You need a reminder of how Memphis gets down?
Well Click here for my FULL Memphis Dedication:

It's your wish come true.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” ~Norman Cousins

As a little boy I always dreamed of one day being a singer or rapper. I thought it would be fun, dancing, happiness...

I never knew that trying to obtain that goal would make me a target for hate, disrespect and evil. Do the one's that hate know the despair they place on others soul? Do they care?

I release my pain in the music, but do you listen?

Are you really listening? Is anybody listening?
Do you see me? Do you care?

You know the sad thing is, when you're here, Nobody hears you.
But when you're gone, everybody wishes they could.

That's why music is a gift. It's your wish come true.
--->CLICK HERE<---


Friday, June 4, 2010

Images BP Doesn't Want YOU TO SEE!!!

Devastating New Images of Oil-Coated Wildlife

Associated Press photographer Charlie Criedel has just filed what surely will become the iconic images of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Wildlife turned into mutant, unrecognizable monsters at Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island.
They are covering up the seriousness of this and the FACT that it's getting WORSE by the day. To See the Pictures they are hiding and don't want you to see, Click the link below:

Focus. No Distractions. Kobe Edition.

Let me start this by saying, NO, I am not a Laker fan. I am a Chicago Bull Fan. I am an Oklahoma City Thunder Fan. I "observe" the Lakers. You can't help but see them. They get the most TV time, their Hometown is the entertainment capital of the world, and Last but not least, they have this guy on there team named Kobe.
I was never a big Kobe fan in the past. He had a bad attitude, he was arrogant and when he was beefin' with Shaq, i was ridin' with the Diesel.
But Something happened over the course of the last few years. I watched this guy Kobe not only mature, but elevate his game to Jordanesque levels. My respect level for his work ethic and play can no longer be denied. Kobe is the truth. No he is not Michael Jordan. But he is Kobe Bryant.
They say Respect has to be earned, and that is just what he's done in my case. I've watched this Guy have the focus of a trained assasin on the court. He's relentless, and you give him more than 2 secs to work, he'll get the job done. So hats off to you homie and the many Laker fans, Much respect from me.
But OKC is STILL gonna win when we meet you in the playoffs Next Year! LOL!!
And oh yeah... I said earlier You can't help but see the Lakers because They get the most TV time, their Hometown is the entertainment capital of the world, and Last but not least, they have this guy on there team named Kobe. But I forgot the MOST important thing. They Win. And Why do they Win?
No Distractions.
Oh yeah, and that guy Kobe I've been talking about.

Watch how Focused Kobe is in the video,
Even Chris Rock can't get him off his game.

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What happens Next?

What up... just checking with my people. Hope all is well your way. Well as "well" as it can be given the state of the world. In my world it's the same, watching people from afar, keeping an eye on the news, working on my Brand and trying to stay alive. It's funny that nowadays thats not just a saying, "Tryna Stay Alive". It's an actuality. So much shit is going on these days that if you're not careful, you won't be here tomorrow. I watch the news and hear about Home invasions, Robberies, Kidnappings, Suicides etc.. Every single broadcast. When I see that I always think of the SAME thing. What are WE gonna do. Have you noticed that Every single thing that happens today is based on the fact the Economy is SOOO Bad? People are killing and Robbing because they don't have anything, and all the programs that used to be in place to help those type of situations have been washed up and shut down. I'm not giving robbers and killers an excuse, I'm just saying there's more Robbers and killers today that are BY-Products of our fucked up economy. You've seen the Movie John Q right? Well even though Denzel Washington was a wanted man by the Police, he was actually doing the RIGHT thing. Well today that isn't a movie, that is the normal everyday life. People are losing their homes, and being given no option but to live on the streets. No programs. They are laying off teachers, police, closing hospitals, Trying to shut down unemployment. Is the Government CRAZY? Do they not understand they are literally gonna start a 2nd Civil War.
For those that don't know what a "civil war" is... that's a war within the same country. The first "civil" war was between the Northern States and the Southern States. The North Won, but the South still flies that racist Confederate Flag that represents all the states that fought to keep Slavery Alive.
But the next "Civil" War will be the Have's vs. The Have not's. The people vs. the machine.

Unless Obama's administration does something soon, I can see this world turning upside down. Shit, it already has if you ask me. Go to any real ghetto in America. Its a fucking Warzone. And that can only stay contained so long. You see over in Jamaica they're shooting and bombing the police right? There is only so much pain people can take. And you know the Crazy thing? It's not Just a "Black Thing". White people are losing their homes and jobs as well. They're being denied assistance too.
They are looking at the Government like "What the Hell??" too. Why do you think THEY voted for Obama in the first place? Lol. Shit had gotten so bad that even THEY were willing to try something different. They Bought into the "CHANGE" Just like we did.
But now we are all tired of asking... Where is the Change? Looks the same, Smells the Same, but feels worse. Now people are Demanding it. Did you see the video of Obama being called a "Liar" by a busrider when he was speaking to them? (CLICK HERE TO SEE)
People are hurting and America doesn't give a damn... or so it seems. While we're dealing with foreclosure, sickness, police shortages, hospital closings, job shortages, no programs for the kids, gang uprisings, rise in killings, urban warfare, higher prices..etc etc. We are watching them get bailouts, bonuses, pay increases, raise taxes, raise gas prices..etc etc. But everytime theres a crisis(Haiti, Oil Spill etc..) They ask for money from US??? Where is all the money they are already taking??
All I now is Something has got to give. Because people are growing tired of "asking" for help... What comes Next? You don't want to know. Watch 2Pac in the Video Below, and let him tell you...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman Died?? Whatchu Talkin bout Willis!?

We lost another Legend Yall. Gary Coleman, best known for his role in "Different Strokes" passed away.
The sad part is how hard his life was toward the end. He was ridiculed and made to be the butt of many jokes. So many in fact that he eventually said "F*ck it" and accepted the roles that were making fun of him, because he had to pay the bills.
Alot of people don't know that in the late 70's, early 80's... there weren't to many people Bigger than Gary Coleman, except in size. But not TV rating or Box office Numbers. So I put together a Lil' tribute on my site for all the fans and people that may not know about Gary. It's a sad day, but at the same time... Maybe Gary Coleman can finally rest... In peace. We love you man.


Catch Janet Jackson as Willis' girlfriend Charlene. After an argument with her father, Charlene temporarily moves in to the Drummond's pad. What luck, Willis! Now you two can really get to know each other. Have fun, kids.


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Monday, May 24, 2010


You remember the old days when TV wasn't all about Reality Shows?
Back when you couldn't wait to get home and catch "Rap City" and "Video Soul" or even "106 & Park" before it went pre-teen?
But if you remember like me, those shows were just the warm up, while we did our homework, or made us something to eat til our mama's got home... The Real Treats were at 7pm. Primetime.
I come from an era where that meant something. We couldn't wait til 7pm.
7pm meant The Cosby Show on Thursdays, or the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Family Matters, Living Single, A Different World, Martin... Can't forget MARTIN!!!
And all kinds of different treats that the Networks Provided Back then. Actually Scratch that, NBC provided most of them, except Martin which was on Fox and Family Matters (ABC). But the point is those shows were an EVENT. You actually got ready to watch them. That's not to take away from the shows of today, but it is different. With the new HD, 10,000 channel, DVR/Blue-Ray Generation, Everybody is watching a different channel, And the the programmers know this, so that don't base their programming on MASS appeal. They cater to niches.
Just like "The Golf Channel" (yes a whole channel about nothing but Golf), The Shopping Network, NBA TV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central... and those are the mainstream ones. On Satellite TV you'll find even more "genre specific" channels.
What once used to be millions across the country watching the same show at the same time, in front of the TV with our families, has been replaced by watching it on Youtube, or on your phone. Catching it on your Tivo for later. But the Power of 7pm is gone. I miss those days. Times were so innocent then. Or at least they felt like it... These are just my thoughts and I type them as I think them, so they may or may not make sense to you, but I'm just reminiscing about back then.
When we all loved 7pm.

One of the GREATEST 7pm Moments of ALL Time! LOL!!!!

After you Watch Jerome do his thing above, Click the Link Below,I put together some More Clips to make you laugh til you Cry!!! 7pm Style!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Maybe one day TV will get back on track, but until then... At least we have the memories.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flyboy Photoshoot Preview (Video) Atlanta, Ga.

Click the Picture below to see a Video Preview of the Photo Shoot I just had Thursday... In the video you see our third location in the shoot with my Dope Ass photographer Erik. It turned out real nice. I got a couple more shoots coming up, the next one is in Oklahoma. I'm getting my photos for the upcoming albums, mixtapes, posters, tee shirts etc.. So who knows which pics I'll use, but you know I'll share em with you! That's why it's important that you leave me feedback (Messages, Comments etc, etc..) Because I do this for you all. So You gotta let me know when I'm going in the right direction, ya feel me? All your support is what keeps this ship rolling! Hope you enjoy the Video, and for EVEN more, log into FLYBOYFOREVER.COM


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Katt Stacks Nude Photo's leak online!!

Everyday I wake up there's some crazy sh*t going on in the world. It's like these days you can't keep up. That's why I HAD to make sure that I got a team together that could help me keep updated so that WE could keep you entertained. After all, that is what I am... an Entertainer.

But I wanted to take this time to shout out my team and thank you for the Great Job you do helping me keep going. They make sure that YOU get the hottest news from around the web DAILY! Just like this latest Story, "Katt Stacks Nudes Leaked".
Seems that Chopper City and his M.O.E. Boys are in full attack mode! Lol. If you wanna check out the photo's, click the picture below. And remember, you can always be in the know and keep up With EVERYTHING going on by Logging on to

We won't let you down! Some sites update every few weeks even Months. You go to their sites and hear crickets chirping. Not us.. It's everyday, all throughout the day! You need to advertise something? Holla at me and get seen by over 75,000 people! Now Click the picture below you perverts... lol.


Click Picture for Katt Stacks Nude Photos

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