Saturday, June 12, 2010

One day you're here, and then...

Did you hear about the Arkansas Flood? My prayers go out to those people.
This is just another testament that we DO NOT control our destiny. All we can do is try our best and Pray that our best is good enough. These people laid down after having a fun day camping, probably made plans for the next days activities, and when they woke up...

It's like the old saying goes, You wanna make God Laugh? Tell him your plans.
For the full Story on what happened, Click this Link: FULL STORY


  1. Thats so sad... I will be praying that they find everyone and that these people get their lives back.

  2. My prayers go out to the families and this is a horrible tragedy. Life is so fragile, that's why we have to embrace each day as if our last. If I knew that I would go to sleep and the next day would be my last would I change what I did with that day....Nothing is promised to us and I hope that people remember to just love life because it can be gone in a split second.