Monday, May 24, 2010


You remember the old days when TV wasn't all about Reality Shows?
Back when you couldn't wait to get home and catch "Rap City" and "Video Soul" or even "106 & Park" before it went pre-teen?
But if you remember like me, those shows were just the warm up, while we did our homework, or made us something to eat til our mama's got home... The Real Treats were at 7pm. Primetime.
I come from an era where that meant something. We couldn't wait til 7pm.
7pm meant The Cosby Show on Thursdays, or the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Family Matters, Living Single, A Different World, Martin... Can't forget MARTIN!!!
And all kinds of different treats that the Networks Provided Back then. Actually Scratch that, NBC provided most of them, except Martin which was on Fox and Family Matters (ABC). But the point is those shows were an EVENT. You actually got ready to watch them. That's not to take away from the shows of today, but it is different. With the new HD, 10,000 channel, DVR/Blue-Ray Generation, Everybody is watching a different channel, And the the programmers know this, so that don't base their programming on MASS appeal. They cater to niches.
Just like "The Golf Channel" (yes a whole channel about nothing but Golf), The Shopping Network, NBA TV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central... and those are the mainstream ones. On Satellite TV you'll find even more "genre specific" channels.
What once used to be millions across the country watching the same show at the same time, in front of the TV with our families, has been replaced by watching it on Youtube, or on your phone. Catching it on your Tivo for later. But the Power of 7pm is gone. I miss those days. Times were so innocent then. Or at least they felt like it... These are just my thoughts and I type them as I think them, so they may or may not make sense to you, but I'm just reminiscing about back then.
When we all loved 7pm.

One of the GREATEST 7pm Moments of ALL Time! LOL!!!!

After you Watch Jerome do his thing above, Click the Link Below,I put together some More Clips to make you laugh til you Cry!!! 7pm Style!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Maybe one day TV will get back on track, but until then... At least we have the memories.

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  1. Well put Flyboy...that's exactly how I feel too! It has totally changed...for the worse. Sure people can say there's way more choices now, but there isn't any quality programming ...we have quantity without quality (and that goes for all forms of media from t.v. to music to movies). It's kind of sad...

  2. You make sense to me. TV is nothing like it use to be. I remember those days of waiting for my favorite shows to come on. Going to school and talking about them the next day. Its funny because we talked about this at work the other day and so many people talked about the old shows and wanting that back. These are people younger than me and they even know this reality stuff is just getting old. Flyboy thank you for sharing your thoughts because they are right on track on what needs to be said.

  3. Dang... Why you gotta take us back like that, lol This is crazy cause my mom use to love all the 7pm shows.. me and my Brother and Sisters use to be front and center all huddle up in the livingroom watching on a old and I really mean Old 27 in TV. But My Mom loved "Martin" the most, and I remember when Jerome first came on the show My mom us to say "Jerome's in the House I say Jerome's in the house" LMAO! And she would sound just like Martin lol..she would dance around all of us and make us laugh and there were 5 of us then cause My lil brother was not born yet.. but I know I had to be around 9 years old and I must say those were the days.. Man I wish my son could grow up on nothing but these type of shows. But I do still watch alot of them and he likes the ones I have turned him on to but he also likes That other mess to.. lol well anyhow I just went to another place when I seen this Post cause I feel the same way.. THANKS for sharing this with us Flyboy, you always have some interesting post.