Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brother and Sister get caught having sex in India?? They catch a BEATDOWN!!

In India this is considered the same as "death". So they are attempting to beat the evil spirits out of them. I fell out my chair when the lady took out the picasso and got busy with it!! lol!!!

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  1. I bet they wish they would have never done that.... and they need to be beat. lol

  2. My only thought is that it's disgusting what they did.

  3. i am an indian and i think if brother and sister wants to have sex its perfectly normal and those hypocrite bitches shown in the video beating them should be shot point blank .

  4. they did sex.
    But who is society to punish?
    Fuck society.
    I hav seen enough society.
    They are paranoid people , they have no strength of mind to 'think'
    everyone is thief here
    You just make sure you are not caught stealing.

  5. I agree with u venkat, shoot at point blank.
    No one has right to instill fear in other's mind coz they think he is doing wrong.

  6. this is sad as theuy look very inocent nbon the less deformed children come from sibling sex